Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boa Noite

I've decided I want to be well read. So i'm going to check books out from the library and read them. I just started reading Catch-22, so hopefully I'll see what all the fuss is about. This is the first of several new-friday resolutions. I also want to spend a bit of time playing piano, i think i'm going to make it up to salt lake city next week, since Lindsey got tickets to a UofU basketball game, so I figure I can bring my keyboard down from Cami's. Specifically, I want to learn how to play jazz a bit. I'm doing a report on a jazz pianist for my jazz appreciation class, so i figure i could appreciate some jazz by learning to play it too.

I also want to start exercising consistently. Not constantly, but I think I have enough time to be consistent. I went to the gym today for the first time in around 3 years. That was pretty good, I was happy to find out that i'm not much weaker than i was in high school when I worked out.

By the way, because 'this girl i'm dating' is long and seems a little cold, I'm dating Lindsey. She's pretty awesome, and doesn't have a facebook, so no facebook stalking. Sorry.

I'm more than half way done with the semester. It's going alarmingly fast, as life tends to do. But so far everything's going as well as could be expected, and now i need to go to sleep.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ammon Perkes: PhD?

I may or may not be putting off a paper.

Today was one of those great college days. I woke up to Dave Matthews (or rather my roommate woke up to that and kicked my bed until i woke up, since i was still dreaming to dave matthews music.) We watched a movie in my math class. I took a nap in the library. I ate lunch in the chemistry building while doing my homework. I scanned some books while watching TopGear. I rode my bike to the mall and ordered some contacts, and i got to watch the sunset turn the mountains pink on my way home.

There was a little seminar on Graduate school that I went to for extra credit, and I definitely like the idea of doing graduate school. I've realized more and more that the idea of doing some sort of research biology sounds very fun and meaningful, and i learned some things about graduate school that makes me less afraid to add another 4-6 years to my schooling. So that's something for me to think about.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The World is Quiet Here

I like sunday mornings. They're quiet. It's been snowing pretty hard since before I woke up, so everything is all covered in snow. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of watching it snow. It doesn't even matter that somewhere my bike is getting wetter and colder by the second, and riding it is going to be a bit unpleasant.

So yesterday I went over to spencer's house to play games with him and some girls he knew. As it happens, these girls are freshmen, and one of them was 17. It made me feel really really old. 22 is old. So yeah, that was weird.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Writing from the Wilk

I like to eat bananas on the way to class. This is partly because when i'm not eating bananas i find the smell of bananas a bit offensive, and don't like to wish that on others, but it's mostly because then i can hold onto the banana peal in case of would be pursuers.

I'm concerned. My life is far too good. I'm afraid that something catastrophic will happen, like me breaking a bone, or something like that.

Remember the days when I would make these long emo posts about my relationship status and things like that? Those were good days. I don't really feel inclined to do that anymore, but it's worth noting that i've been dating a girl for a little while, so that's sort of cool. So I vaguely had a valentine for valentine's. That's a first. Other than that I pretty much spend all my time studying. I have probably studied more for school this semester than all of my life combined, I'm not even exaggerating. I'm so excited for next week though, because for the first time in over a month I don't have a single midterm, so hopefully I can get into a schedule of studying a little bit everyday instead of studying a lot to get everything down just in time for the test, which is what i've been doing.

I've also been giving a lot of thought to going into a biology related field. That was my plan for a long time, up until about 7th grade when i read that marine biologists don't make much money, and then had a series of uninspiring science teachers. But now i am finally taking science again, and I'm remembering how it's fun and alive and dynamic. So that's cool. Hopefully i'll figure out what to do there.

Anyway, that's my life. I'm pretty happy with it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I feel like I've been living in a city with no children in it

I've reached a plateau in my age. turning 16 was a big deal. Turning 17 was a big deal. So was 18, and 19, and 20. 21 is a big deal. 22 is not a big deal. In fact there isn't going to be another big deal until when I turn 30. But a birthday's a birthday. It doesn't happen every day.

Yesterday was pretty fun, i met up with a bunch of friends and played Bonanza, which i got for my birthday, and some other games. I stayed up way too late and it made this morning sort of horrible, especially when my shower was cold, but i think it's important to take advantage of birthdays.

This birthday is quite a bit different from my last birthday. Life is good, i'm making this post from my laptop. I just aced a test, it's friday, and the weekend is looking promising. I'm discovering Arcade Fire, and thinking that's pretty swell. I'm alone, but I ain't lonely. (Alone in the present, spacial sense, but i have a lot of great friends and a great family.)

I might be going to the BYU - Utah basketball game tomorrow, if i can get tickets. The last time i went to a byu - utah game i was wearing red. But i think i've come to terms with my utah-byu dichotomy. It's funny how things go.

I think some how, since my last college birthday, I've grown up, or something. If nothing else, my life is about 100 times better. Talvez seja porque eu sei falar uma lingua novo. Quem sabe.

Anyway, it's time for my chem lecture.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the chosen one?

I think there must be some great balancing force in the universe that controls the seemingly random events in our lives. Today I got an A on my chemistry midterm, and then i walked back to find that my bike had a flat tire.

Balance restored.