Sunday, August 3, 2014

A short to-do list to do in two short weeks.

I'm leaving Utah in less than two weeks.

I'll probably end up writing a fair bit about that because there's a lot wrapped around that sentence; in the mean time, I'm not done adventuring yet: this is everything I want to fit in before I leave.  I'm also open to suggestions.

Hike Mount Nebo
Climb Little Cottonwood Canyon
Climb Maple Canyon
Visit Lake Powell, cliff jump, deep water solo
Climb the first 8 Pitches of Squaw Peak
Bike the Alpine Loop one last time

and a shorter list of things I won't be able to do, but want to come back for:
Hike King's Peak
Mountain bike Moab
Climb the 22 pitches up to Squaw Peak

When I was in Havasupai on Friday, I found a canyon that I wanted to explore but couldn't, because I didn't really have the stuff I needed with me, and I was alone and I didn't want to injure myself doing something stupid. (We're up to 14 days since last accident!

I don't like leaving things undone, and I suspect there will be a lot of open parentheses left in Utah.