Monday, August 6, 2012

and the living is easy

Once again it's been too long.  Nothing too momentous has happened, but there have been lots of adventures.  Here's a short list (in reverse chronological order) :

Today I made Teriyaki chicken and rice, banana muffins, and taffee, and played some games, like Jenga.  Turns out that if you play jenga to the inception music, it becomes the most dramatic thing you've ever done.  But in all fairness, that's probably true for anything.  Today was also my last week of church here at centennial.  Next week is stake conference, and then I get kicked out when my contract ends, and roughly a week later I'll be moving in to my new ward.  So hopefully more adventures will ensue.
This past week my parents and Isaac came out from mississippi and we had all sorts of adventures.  Not all of them are pictured here, but we backpacked in the Uintas and went up to this resevoir where we swam.  I was hoping for cool rocks to dive off of, but didn't find any at the reservoir.  Cami and I did swim across the resevoir and back, which was wonderful, and inspired me to start swimming again, once school starts I can swim in the pool again, so hopefully I'll keep my motivation and make that happen.  We did find a great place up in the mountains to swim, but as I was swimming, there aren't really any pictures of it, though I did get a cool shot of the rock we jumped off.  Check out my google+ for all the pictures.

 A couple weeks ago, some friends and I hiked Timpanogos peak.  We left early enough to see the sun rise as we were starting the hike, which was beautiful, and definitely worth waking up a little early (I'm not convinced that making it to the peak to see the sunrise is worth it.  That hike was tough). On the way down we hung out at that little lake that you can see, and there someone swam.  I probably would have swam, but it was cold (the air, the water obviously was too), and I was wearing jeans.  So no swimming there.

 I watched the Dark Knight Rises (after watching the Dark Knight on a projector in our apartment) it was great, I think it ended the trilogy perfectly, and while it wasn't as much fun as the other two, it was a great movie.  My summer has been pretty evenly split between movies and outdoor adventures, which is great.

 My scooter turned 4000, which is cool.  I'm still working on fixing it up since i crashed a while back, now I just need to switch out a wire so that the blinker will work again, then I can get my license (since right now I don't think it's technically street legal, and so they probably wouldn't give it to me) Also pictured here is my smart phone, which has been great.  Actually all of these pictures were taken on my phone, which made it easy to post on my blog.  The future is totally happening these days.

 More cooking, I made stuffed french toast, with cream cheese, brown sugar, and cinnamon.  It was fantastic, although not quite as good as when my roommate makes it.  We've done a lot of brunches.  I'm getting fairly decent at making pancakes and waffles that put iHop to shame.
And it's now been over a month, but I visited Mississippi and got to check out the new Perkes house, of which I approve.  It was my first summer back in mississippi since 2008, and it sure was hot.  I'm not quite sure how I survived all those years down there, but i definitely appreciate the weather here in Utah.  I managed to make it up to Jackson for the first time in a long time and spend some time in the old stomping grounds and see some people.  That was fun.

So that's about the gist of my life.  Summer is winding down, and I still have a few adventures to fit in before the end.  This next weekend I'm headed down to Zions, which will be great.  I also read on occasion, I've read quite a few books this summer, which has been nice.  Next on the list is the Catcher in the Rye and Fahrenheit 451.

Summertime really is one of my favorite times.