Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another month, another title

Well, I used to be so good about updating things.  It's always a shame that the amount of time i spend writing in my blog is inversely proportionate to the amount of interesting things I have to write about.  Someday I'll find a balance of semi-regular, semi-interesting things.

These days have been busy.  I've been taking on a lot of projects.  I got into a lab doing research science. That's sort of great.  The thing about science is that actual research is mostly pretty dull.  A lot of pipetting and other monotonous chores, and then at the end, if you're lucky, you get some sort of result.  I'm also discovering that there are a lot of gremlins in research. But it's good to be doing practical stuff.

I'm back to teaching at the MTC, so my semester of carefree, go-in-when-I-feel-like-it days are over.  It's good to teach again though.

Over last semester I volunteered as a tutor at the local alternative high school, which was fun.  It made me realize that I'm not sure I could handle teaching high school students.  They're great, but they can be hard to motivate.  Anyway, it turns out they needed someone to head the after school soccer program, so I volunteered for that.  It's been a lot of fun, basically I go and play soccer with as many of my friends as I can convince to go and with as many kids as can be convinced to stay.  Eventually we're going to try to set up a tournament type thing, and then maybe get a soccer team going.  That would be fun.

There's actually been a lot of soccer recently, I organized an intramural team with some of my friends, and now we're working on teaching some of our friends how to play soccer.  there are some basic skills we struggle with.  Like passing.  But that's been great.  I didn't realize how much I've missed consistent, organized, competitive soccer.  It's the best.

Other than that I've been trying to get ready for this mud race in a couple weeks.  I only have nine days to find two more people and one car to carpool to california.  And at some point in the mean time I should still get in slightly better shape.

So besides soccer, teaching, and doing research, there are all sorts of little adventures and injuries that keep me going.  That and I saw the Avengers, which was great.  On the superhero movie scale from 1 to The Dark Knight, it was definitely a 9.73.  Way good, well done Joss Whedon.  Well done.

I need to do more things that are photo-worthy, then my blog would be more interesting.  I'll get on that.