Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Grateful for the Moisture"

 I just got back from my trip to Mississippi.  It was pretty fun.  The new house is great, but Mississippi weather is still a bit unpleasant. Here's some pictures:

We went rug shopping.  It was fairly unsuccessful
Incidentally, I got a smart phone.  It's my new favorite thing, and the camera isn't too shabby

There are squirrels in Mississipi.  This one was chilling on our fence.

It's raining here in Utah today, which is good, we've had lots of fires, and some were still burning, so hopefully things have calmed down a little.  I know I've been in Utah for a while when I'm grateful and a bit relieved when is starts raining, even though it means getting all soggy while biking around.  So that's the news.  I need to get a new 30 day goal for this month, waking up early was a good call last month.