Wednesday, January 28, 2015

13 ways I've entered adulthood this year (and 13 things I refuse)

Did you know that 13 is my favorite number?

13 ways I've become an adult this year
1. I leased my own apartment
2. I got healthcare
3. I maintained a relationship for longer than 2 months
4. I bought furniture
5. I rented cars (and a moving van!)
6. I made a budget
7. I bought my own plane ticket home
8. I grew a beard (more or less) and then shaved only because I wanted to.
9. I have to stretch and sleep enough if I want to feel good when I exercise
10. I aspire to be in bed by midnight
11. I attended my friends' weddings
12. I fed the missionaries
13. I have a salary (technically a stipend. The point is I'm not working an hourly wage)

13 thing I refuse to accept about your adulthood
1. Anxiety
2. A career I don't care about
3. Actually being in bed early
4. A summer that isn't fun
5. Car ownership
6. A life without adventure
7. Caring about money
8. Not doing what I love
9. A television in my living room
10. The end of spontaneity
11. The end of wonder
12. Never wearing clever t-shirts
13. A life without real friends

This is what approaching 26 looks like