Monday, November 24, 2014

You're nothin' but a sister!

So, I have this thing where I want to do things really really well, and so a lot of times they just don't end up getting done. So instead of a unbelievably beautiful posts about how awesome my sister is (really, just imagining it should bring you to tears), here's a list of ways Kate has changed my life (in no particular order).

Teaching me to wear clothes that fit.
Convincing me not to draw on my converse (I never did).
Upholding the name of Perkes with all the cool teachers at Murrah.
Introducing me to H&M.
Introducing me to deodorant. (when I was 11ish)
Introducing me to boxers. (Around the same time)
Basically doing all my art projects for me in school.
Teaching me how to decorate an apartment.
Teaching me that nausea is how all the cool kids deal with stressful social interactions.
Dressing me up in dresses as a little kid (I'm not actually sure if that changed my life or not. I guess we'll never know)
Giving me the heads up on some of the best and worst things about BYU.
Training me in the ways of dark colored pants.
Guiding my taste in music until today (Amy and Cami get a lot of credit for that too, but I still remember the first time I heard Bubble Toes in the car)
Instilling in me the idea that girls make the best friends (unlike a lot of lessons, I don't think this one was intentional, but it definitely stuck.)
Marrying a stellar brother-in-law.
Bringing 2 other cool boys into the family. (We're 10-0 since 1989!)
Consistently being my guide whenever I'm unsure of how to function as a normal person.

Happy birthday, Katie. Thanks for being such a great older sister my whole life.

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